2016 District Overview and Data

HuthPhoto-KAH_8447The Conference of Big 5 School Districts represents the city school districts of Buffalo, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, Yonkers and Utica.

➢ Our urban school districts enroll 41% of New York State’s public school students. Most of our districts are experiencing enrollment growth.

➢ Almost 71% of all English Language Learner pupils are educated in our member districts.

➢ Over 50% of the State’s special education students (ages 5-21) are educated in our city school districts.

➢ Over 65% of New York State’s prekindergarteners are educated in our school districts.

➢ The percentage of pupils with extraordinary needs in our school districts is: Buffalo 90%; NYC 76%; Rochester 89%; Syracuse 80%; Yonkers 71% and Utica 87%.

➢ The Conference’s school districts have high rates of student mobility, homelessness and students living in temporary shelters.

➢ School buildings in our city school districts are older than others in the State and average over 67 years old.

➢ All of our school districts still utilize school buildings built before 1920.


Download the 2016 Overview and Data here.